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Capturing Lifes Little Moments

Please refer to my CALENDAR of available sessions.  If you find a date that works, please email me with the date and I will get your session booked.

If a date is not available, please contact me as there may be a possibility I can rearrange my calendar to meet your needs.



I want each and everyone of my sessions to be an expression of my "art" and I also want to have my clients pleased with my work and the amount of time it takes to achieve this. Therefore, my disclosure to all my clients or inquiries will be of this,

I'm a full time insurance agent by day, a mom of two teenage girls with a full schedule of activities and I have a home, husband, and family that requires, laundry, dishes, cleaning, homework, and a bit of attention.. and I want to still have a life outside of my camera & computer chair. If you want instant gratification with quick pixs, then I would suggest I'm not the photographer for you! :) I want everyones final images to be art and an expression of my creativity. I also will not be taking on large group sessions, such as class reunions.

I strive on building a personal relationship with my clients and by keeping my sessions small it will help me acheive this and also give attention to details.  Each one of my clients is special and I want to maintain my commitment to you and your final images.  Thank you,   -H-

Holly Troxel Photography

Holly Troxel Photography