Anticipations & Newborns:   Expecting a child is one of the most important life events you will ever experience.  Capturing this special time is just as important.  As much as you think you won't forget the moment, time will fade those memories! Having them captured in a photograph will help you cherish this amazing time forever! 

Option 1.  Maternity session 
Option 2.  Newborn Only
Option 3.  Newborn & Family

Option 4. Maternity, Newborn, & Family

I prefer to do the newborn sessions within the first 2 weeks of birth.  I leave enough dates open for reschedules and baby arrivals... that I can fit you in right away.  However, if you have a scheduled c-section we can specifically pick a date otherwise I will just have you notify me once the baby arrives!

Babies grow so fast in the first year of their life.   The sessions I would recommend are the newborn (within 2 weeks of birth) and again around 4 months (when the baby can lay on their tummy and hold their head up) then 6-7 months (when they can sit up) and finally the one year around 10-12 months.  (I like to do them before they start walking) - Please refer to the Kiddos session for sittings beyond the newborn session.

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Families:  Photographing your family is the easy part... Mom getting the family all ready and at the location on time is the biggest challenge.  A lot goes into mom's preparation for this big event.....Heads combed, faces washed, naps taken, keeping all the kiddos clothes cleaned and pressed before the sessions even begins, and don't forget everyone needs to be fed and snacks packed for bribery.   Phew!!!!!! and Mom don't forget in all that rush to have time to get yourself ready too.....  

 The one thing I can tell you is not every family session goes according to the perfect plan....  What I should be posting here are the outtakes of each session.... because you'd have dad getting that look of is this over yet, kiddos screaming and running around and mom just throwing her hands up... but TRUST ME .... In all this craziness... be reminded I'm the professional and I'm photographing your family and capturing all those moments that no ones sees.  My advise to the family is to relax, have fun and don't stress...  Leave your worries of not getting a good photograph up to me and just ENJOY your time with your family... .after all, they look, cleaned, combed, and super cute and you are ALL together!!

* For clothing suggestions please see my pinterest board "
Clients Clothing Ideas".      

My family and/or children session last approx. one hour and if the weather cooperates the session can include both indoor and outdoor locations with up to 2-3 outfits changes, if time allows.  This session is designed for individual families .  For extended family please refer to the "Extended Family Session"

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Engagement / Couples: While I have discontinued shooting weddings, I am still available for engagement sessions.  Please contact me for details and pricing.  

Session Options & Details

Seniors:   It's your time... you've waited for this year to finally arrive! Now capture it how you live it!!!!  Express your life... experience the shutter vision!!    

Bring clear lipgloss! It makes the lips shiney and also power to cover up the shine on the face.  As far as clothes bring way more then you think you'll want. Often times we go to different locations and I like to have a variety of clothes to chose from..  As far as the type of clothes I suggest the age old rule of solid colors and I love layers of clothes.  Also, since we are shooting out and about I say to wear a tank top so if you have to change outside they are comfortable.   I love chunky necklaces or long ones..  I love hats colorful scarves etc....   I also like to tell the girls to start looking through fashion magazines and get ideas for poses... clothes etc.. rip out the pages and bring them along.  I have a notebook full of fashion pages that I like to draw inspiration from.    Did I mention I love fun heels and colors and anything funky too?  So step out of the box and Rock the Shot!


 Bring way more clothes then you think you will wear....also, wear a pair of biker shorts under your pants for changing in the open. I know most guys hate having those grandma shots, (you know nice shirt & tie)  That is why I try getting those done right away!  Also keep in mind, solids photograph best.  Feel free to bring props to incorporate into your images.  Also, don't forget mom's always want at least a few shots with a smiling teeth.. after that we can have fun and show your true expression!!!

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Extended Family: ​I am offering extended family sessions on a limited basis, as there are so many factors that go into a large family session.  Please note the following disclosure when booking a large family session.  My studio is not set up for large groups.  Therefore, your session would have to be outdoor only and because we can not control the weather I am not responsible if the session would need to be canceled due to inclimate weather.  In regards to a canceled session due to the weather, I can not promise that I will have an alternative date/session that works for everyone.  

While each large family session can be different for each family, it would be best to contact me regarding additional fees that may apply.

Kiddos:   Let me begin saying, every session with children is different and unique and yet so rewarding.  When it feels like your children are not cooperating and you are ready to scream.... take a deep breath .  In my 10+ years of photographing children I have found the more stressed the parents are the harder it is for the children to focus on my little round circle that winks!    Relax and your children will too....     

In preparing for the session  you will want to bring 2-3 outfit changes for the kiddos.  We may not use all of them but it is better to have them along.  I also find that having the kids well fed before they come helps and also bring some little snacks, ie goldfish, smarties, or cheerios and a clear drink.  I stongly suggest  pulling out the snacks be towards the end of the session and it works best if myself or my helper presents the treat.  I try to keep the childrens attention towards me and not mom, dad or grandma.  Also while in our session I try to keep the number of people limited.  The extra voices only distract the child from the camera and they are confused as to who they should be listening & looking at.    Also, remember children are nervous when they get in front of them camera and telling them that is not a good smile only makes them more self conscious.  I want to keep the session silly and light hearted making the children relaxed and confident .  That adorable smile will come from childrens laughter and silly giggles...  and finally, the word "Cheese" makes a horrible smile....  That word is a no no  in my studio!  :)

My children session last approx. one hour and if the weather cooperates the session can include both indoor and outdoor locations with up to 2-3 outfits changes, if time allows. 

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