Holly Troxel Photography

Holly Troxel Photography

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Capturing Lifes Little Moments

I am a wife of over 25+ years, a mother to two daughters, a sister 4 of 5, a daughter born to wonderful parents who raised me in a christian home, a friend to so many people who I love hanging out with at the lake or camping with, an insurance agent who cares about her insureds, and a photographer who is passionate about capturing life through a camera and a computer. 

Growing up on a farm in southeast Nebraska has inspired most of my photography.  I love the tall native grasses, old falling down barns with lots of peeling paint, and anything old rusty and ugly to the average person.  What I see as beauty may look like junk to you.  I'm always looking for lots of different colors and textures to create a background that can't be bought on a canvas! I love going outside for most of my sessions.  The beauty of natural light will always be my favorite and if I can prevent being stuck inside I will.   

Officially, I started my photography business in 2005 and it has grown like crazy ever since.  It wasn't until the last few years the digital age of photography has allowed me to grow and expand my creativity in turning average photos into what I call ART.   I had no idea that God would bless me with so much... I have been so lucky to give a gift that will be cherished for years to come to so many people. When you look at your photos I hope you know each photo was created especially for you and your family.